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Our „Kwa Moyo Children´s Village & Education Center“ arises in

Bwikhasa Village.


Bwikhasa Village is a part of Bushangi Parish located in Bukyiende Subcounty, Mbale District. It consists of 6 villages:


Ikiyenga and Bunamaliro with 73 households 

Namama with 212 households

Bwikhasa with 69 households

Kitinidya with 236 households

Bunalwele with 81 households


The children of these villages can be admitted to our school if they fulfill the selection criteria.


These are:

1. The child is orphaned or semi-orphaned

2. The child is constantly living in the parish with its parents or foster parents

3.  At least one parent is ill or disabled.

4. The family has none or very little income

5. The child has to be between 6 and 8 years old. Proof is required.


Our main focus of attention is on the advancement of girls – with the chairman we agreed on a ratio of 60:40.


Actually 21 girls and 10 boys are attending our school in 2015.


The first pre primary class of the Kwa Moyo Primary School has started on 02.02.2015.


The official opening ceremony took place on 30.01.2015.


We created very detailed guidelines for the education and learning. Although some is still to come in the future, the guidelines have been worked out for the whole school.

You can find them on the subpages of our website.



… and here are the first 21 girls and 10 boys of the primary class :






Education connects continents :


The intercultural exchange – especially but not only - of children and is very important to us. The obtainment of intercultural authority is may be a boring phrase but in reality it is exciting. Intercultural means the exchange of different cultures. Our hope is that German and Ugandan children will learn about each other´s culture and start to understand why people in another country think or act differently. Above all we all should learn  to deal with different behavior, to accept it and to show openness and tolerance. Only in appreciating each other we can communicate at eye level…. which exactly is an important aspect of our work.


Therefore we are very glad that the Primary School of Steinweiler – as the first school ever – started to contact the “Kwa Moyo Primary School”. Not only have they organized a benefit run and  raised 3360 Euros for the construction of the first classroom, but the children also thought about a name for this first classroom:






The pupils of the Steinweiler Primary School came up with a very fancy name: “Keschdenescht”


The reason for this is like that:

“Keschde” is the Palatine word for chestnut, a fruit that is typically for our region. The nutritive fruits are surrounded and protected by lots of pointed spines. “Neschd” is the Palatine word for nest where the chicks can grow up safely and warm. That´s what the pupils of Steinweiler whish the Ugandan pupils: to learn in shelter and safety in their new classroom with the amazing name “Keschdeneschd”.



info@kwa-moyo.de Tel : +49 1520 2689361  | Spendenkonto : VR Bank Südpfalz IBAN: DE29 54862500 000297 3138 BIC : GENODE61SUW