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Our Vision for kwa moyo


 Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.- Nelson Mandela.


At first, our vision was to build the Education Center for girls only. But while we were in Uganda we determined that it would not work out that way. This is why we decided that boys will be able to attend the EC, as well.

Also we now prefer to build several smaller homes in each of which about 16 orphans will be living together with one „Mummy“ instead of constructing one big residential home.


In the Mbale region there are a lot of orphaned children. Due to this huge number of orphans and street children we cannot exclude boys from the project.

Together with the officials of the Mbale region we agreed on proportions of 60 percent girls and 40 percent boys.


Our educational and training center - The Kwa Moyo Education Center and children´s Village - will include the following:

1. A nursery and a preschool, a primary school and most likely also a secondary school

2. About 5 „small“ homes in each of which about 16 orphans can live together with a „Mummy“ in a family-like structure

3. A training center for future-oriented professions

4. A farm in order to generate income for the center but also for training young people as „organic farmers“.

5. A Health Center


We are well aware of the fact that not all of the pupils will be able to attend secondary school (High School) after finishing primary school. But with our training school we can make sure that they will not be out in the street but rather be able to learn a trade or a business profession.

As, for instance, the tailors will produce items already during their apprenticeship we hope to generate an income for the center at the same time.

We will cooperate with the community in an active way and we will try to involve her as far as possible.


This means that not only „our children“ but rather the general public of the project´s area shall benefit from the center. We want them to know what is going on with us and vice versa we would like to learn what is happening in the community.

The local authorities have kindly agreed to improve the road leading to our plot on their own expense. They kept their promise by coating the road with broken mucks in October 2013 already. This is such a tremendous facilitation because although the Kwa Moyo plot is only 3 km away from the tarmac it took 30 to 45 minutes to get there.


As another part of our project we will provide girls who had to leave school due to pregnancy with the opportunity of obtaining an income. We will individually sponsor them according to their abilities.

In Uganda we have founded our organisation „Kwa Moyo Uganda – empowering children with help from the heart“ on April 13th 2013.


Miss Florence Mukhaye Buluba is the Chairperson,  Miss Beth Rosalie Nakayenze is the Vice Chair Person and Miss Faith Kanghani is the secretary.

We are very happy to count in our Ugandan team a great many of dedicated women.

All members of this Ugandan organisation are paying an annual fee which is adequate to Uganda. This way we can make sure that each member is serious about improving the living circumstances of the vulnerable children in their country.


Here in Germany we will be happy about many donors as well as sustaining members who will be supporting our project and, thus, provide many girls and boys with the opportunity of having a good life.


It would be gorgeous if we could also find some people who would be willing to organise fundraising campaigns in favour of Kwa Moyo. This could be charity concerts, charity runs or whatsoever – each Euro will ensure the progress of our project.


We are creating confidence in the project area through our Ugandan organisation and by pointing out that it is a Ugandan project and not a German one we hope to gain acceptance in the community (which is not a matter of course only because of one being supportive).


To be able to start constructing with little means of money all buildings will be planned in a step-by-step-building-manner.


The connections for water and electricity are located right above the site. This means that lines of about 200 meters of length will have to be installed only. The road is directly passing by the site. We will, thus, have no notable costs for this. A stone quarry and a brick yard are located within the range of vision. This means very low cost of transportation for these materials.

The class rooms will – according to our needs – be built one after the other.

The office building and the apartment house for staff including accommodation for volunteers and guests will initially be built one storied.

As mentioned before, building bit by bit has enabled us to get started without having huge funds on hand.


However, we will need the support of donors to get started with the first construction phase.


This is why we depend on each and every donation – no matter how small it may be.


Each donation will provide us with bricks, bags of cement, pebble, pipes and of course it will pay for the craftsmen.


Addendum: Theory and Reality!


At the time right before our school would be opened we had to visit the 6 surrounding villages belonging to the parish in order to identify the first pupils.

We were deeply shocked by the extreme poverty we found in those villages. It looks like this region is literally “forgotten by all the world and its brother”. In most of the cabins there is not even a mattress and the people are sleeping - under for Europeans not even imaginable hygienic conditions - on the plain mud floor. There are no sanitary facilities at all. One source and two water points have to serve all the villages. There is no access to medical care and items like HIV / AIDS prevention and family planning are largely unknown. Almost each family has seven or more children, even families with ten to twelve children are common. We met young mothers who were barely twenty years old, yet already having five children!


Those circumstances have shown us once more how important it is to include the boys. Because it is only then that the girls will really get a chance to change the world, when the boys realize that the situation has to change.

Here is an example Florence likes to quote that is taken from NACWOLA´s daily work:

Some time ago NACWOLA started a project for women in the Northern Region of Uganda where the LRA had terrorized the people up to recent years. The women were given small loans for growing groundnuts. They eagerly took care of the fields and the plants doing their utmost for a good yield. Right before they could harvest their crops the men had done that surreptitiously at night and sold the nuts. Why? Because they felt excluded!

On February 1st 2015 the “Kwa Moyo Women´s Group” was founded by the mothers of our pupils with the collaboration of Florence and Mara. The group will grow support us by growing vegetables for the school. We are leasing an additional plot of land for the ladies where they can grow even more vegetables. Part of those vegetables will be given to the school whilst the other part will be sold in order to create an income for the ladies. Mara donated 100 000 UgSh (about 30 Euros) as seed money. The women started working on the project full of zip. They agreed to meet every other week and that each of them would deposit 2 000 UgSh into a savings box. They are planning to buy pigs from the revenue. A really good plan!


When the men noticed that they felt annoyed. They asked why their wives would be favoured. Well – why?

So we also founded the “Kwa Moyo Men´s Group”. The men want to run a chicken breeding. They will also meet every other week depositing 2 000 UgSh into their savings box. We agreed on them building a chicken coop by the end of March. When they are finished the “Kwa Moyo Men´s Group” will also receive 30Euros seed money.

This is the first “Men´s Group” I ever had to deal with….you live and learn.

So now “peace” is restored and we – hopefully- have the men “on board”.

Of course it is important to us to have workshops on a regular basis where topics like HIV/AIDS and family planning can be discussed with women and men separated according to sex. Florence who is a social scientist is outstandingly qualified to conduct the workshops for the ladies.


We are counting ourselves lucky to have Julius Khauka, an educationalist holding many additional certificates such as for family planning and for HIV/AIDS counseling (for instance at TASO where he is also responsible for educating educators), who will conduct the workshops for the men.

Every day we learn how important it is to also involve the boys.


Nevertheless our main focus remains on promoting girls!

info@kwa-moyo.de Tel : +49 1520 2689361  | Spendenkonto : VR Bank Südpfalz IBAN: DE29 54862500 000297 3138 BIC : GENODE61SUW