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„I can change the world“ - This is to be the motto for our children !


All of the founding members are, amongst others, voluntarily working for Plan International or other relief organisations and have, therefore, gained experience in development cooperation in different ways.

While travelling many developing countries we have always noticed the

same: Girls are a lot worse off as they have less opportunities in life! This is why we also strongly support Plan´s projects for girl children and its international campaign „Because I am a girl“.


We all feel very aligned to the African continent. Christine is, due to her family, also very much devoted to West Africa. Meike has already worked as a volunteer in Uganda and has, since then, close contact to many people

 in this country. Mara has travelled the East African countries mostly and got to know and to love the people of Uganda.


Initially the cooperation with Florence and some groups of women she is taking care of – mostly widows due to AIDS -started. These ladies are producing necklaces and bracelets from paper beads and nice accessories and Mara is selling the items for the benefit of these ladies and their children as well as in favour of a corresponding Plan project.


During this time people here in Germany became aware of the how much girls are being disadvantaged. For example when one of the most productive producers of necklaces and bracelets from paper beads – an Aids-widow – passed away at the age of 38 years only. Her son was accommodated by the woman´s brother. Her daughter wasn´t. This girl was to live in the street or to enter an asylum. Fortunately, a woman could accommodate this girl in her foster home.

This was the crucial factor for us to let our vision of a girls´education center come true.


At first, our vision was to build the Education Center for orphaned girls only. But while we were in Uganda we determined that it would not work out that way. This is why we decided that boys will be able to attend the EC, but the residential home will be subject to girls only.

In the Mbale region there are lot of orphaned children. Due to this huge number of orphans and street children we cannot exclude boys from the project.

The first step is done... from now on we will go ahead by taking little steps in order to supply as many orphans as possible with admission to a safe environment and a high education.



And here we are – the founding members of Kwa moyo:







This picture was taken on January 13th 213, right after we had set up our statute.

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